Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Grandma's funeral and other services went very well last week.  The music at her funeral was especially beautiful.  Many thanks to all of our family and friends who came out in support.  There were many, many flower arrangements sent, which Grandma would have loved since she was a gardener.  The family decided to divvy up the flowers for all of us to enjoy instead of taking them down to Filmore for the burial.  And a good thing too, since the snow was falling horizontally for the graveside services.  Here are pictures of the plants that I am going to try to keep alive.  I might have to replant several of these for them to stand a better chance of survival, but they are so pretty as is, I don't really want to pull them apart.

Anyway...  Here are the plants:

Above is the one plant that won't have to be re-potted right away.  I wish I knew the name of it so I could look up how to better care for it. (And look, left over Christmas decorations that are still up...)
This is a large arrangement of live plants.  It almost takes up the whole area in front of my fireplace.  I'm pretty sure I'll need to pull him apart.  I know I've got a mini palm and maybe a calla lily in there.  What that red plant is, and the variegated plant in front, and another type of plan to the left... I don't know what they are.
A cute basket of plants I put on the table next to my sofa.  I've got ivy and maybe another palm type plant in there, also a small rubber tree plant.  The rest, I have no idea.  The yellow flowers are super cute, though.  (And in the background, boxes of items I've been boxing up to get the house ready to sell.)
The last basket of plants.  Quite similar to the first basket, but I've got a calla lily, ivy, palm type plant and sheffelara (shuffelara?)... However it's spelled.  The rest, I don't know.  Maybe I should pot like plant with like plant.  That would probably be the best idea.

I've spent the past couple of days that I've been back to my house packing up stuff to get the house ready to sell.  I've finally got the regular Christmas stuff put away, and later today, the Christmas stuff that is always up with be put away.  Here's that little vignette:
The lighting is bad since I'm taking the picture towards the window.  When I remodeled the house, I had shelves installed above the sliding glass door in the living room (The white shelf you can see everything sitting on.)  Mom paper pieced the wall hanging, and the rest is just little things I like a lot.  I'll be sad to get it all put away and to not have my little bit of Christmas up year 'round.

The sun is shining, and I'm off to the gym to get my work out in here after lunch.  it's really too bad that the weather predictors are telling us that there will be snow over night.  I look forward to reaching the point where I don't have to run the heater or the air conditioner.  Those are my favorite months of the year.