Saturday, December 22, 2012

A new obsession

So... back at Thanksgiving when my cousin did my nail for me, something inside my head when *click* and now I'm slightly obsessed. So I've been surfing boards on Pinterest, reading blogs, surfing Amazon for product, and haunting the make up aisle of Target. I think my sister is close to refusing to go to Target with me any more... (that and I make her look at the Christmas stuff every time we go too.)

So, with my Target polishes, I've done this (please forgive the terrible photos):

I thought this would be more Christmasy.  The red glitter stuff doesn't go on so well over a metallic base.  But it was good for a few days.

This one was fun.  And Christmasy! I did a similar version with purple glitter for the tips but didn't take a photo of it.

One of my favorites from the past month.  Purple and purple, my two favorite colors. (And a horrible paint job on the pinky!)

My first attempt at stamping.  Those blue things are snowflakes.  I need to work on the technique, but it looks promising.

Purple, and gold!  This lasted about as long as it took to take the photos.  I brushed against something and the purple peeled off. Argh!  So I bought myself a 'finger cooker' (UV light curer) for Christmas.

More red glitter, plus a Christmas tree I made out of rhinestones.  Fun!  Sparkly!  Christmasy! 

And now, back to reading, researching, and all around obsessing.

Hugs and Glitter